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Cover Story: Viking Women | Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power.

Personality Can Change from One Hour to the NextCover Story: Viking Women | Studies show that people may experience enormous variability in personality traits throughout the course of the day.

How to Maximize Joy With Your Grandchildren—and Minimize Conflicts With Your Kids | Your child isn’t parenting the way you would. So what do you do?

Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart | Fearing that a romantic attachment in later life will lead to full-time caregiving, many couples are choosing commitment without sharing a home.


Love After 50: How to Find It, Enjoy It, and Keep It

(Simon & Schuster, 2021)

A comprehensive and intimate guide to finding, keeping and enjoying love after 50, the best kind of love there is. 

For Love After 50, I interviewed the smartest experts and dozens of couples to help show the way. I also share my own intimate story of finding later-life love, including my many mistakes and the hard-won personal growth that ultimately brought me happiness.

I’ve written Love After 50 to be practical as well as psychologically helpful. I’ve filled it with vivid examples of men and women who’ve overcome their pasts to form healthy and nurturing partnerships. In other words, it’s as real as love after 50 can be.

They’re Your Parents, Too!

How Siblings Can Their Parents’ Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy

If you or your siblings are caring for aging parents, you’re in a tumultuous new life-passage: Caregiving, Medical help, Legal decisions, Death. Your siblings can be there for you like no one else—or they can drive you crazy and make everything harder. How can you make your family work now?

THEY’RE YOUR PARENTS, TOO! is the first book to offer siblings a psychological and practical roadmap through this life-changing family transition.

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Filled with engaging, helpful stories of sisters and brothers with struggles like yours–whether you are the family caregiver or not–it also has research and top clinical expertise from geriatric care managers, family therapists and other experts on caregiving, family psychology, dementia, elder law, end-of-life decisions, and many more issues that can arise during the time of caring for aging parents or in the aftermath.

Francine Russo [‘s ]…excellent new book”
Jane Brody, New York Times (Read more)

Not to be missed!! More than a how-to book, this groundbreaking work illuminates a difficult stage of life.”
Library Journal (Read more)

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The Personality Trait ‘Intolerance of Uncertainty’ Causes Anguish during COVIDHigh levels of it have put people at risk of emotional problems.

Loneliness Can Be Toxic | Isolation from others can lead to a range of illnesses and even premature death. New science is probing causes and solutions to the problem of social disconnection.

Why We Become So Attached to Our Belongings | Low emotional security can intensify our relationships to our belongings.

How to Get Your Spouse to Eat, Exercise and Live More Healthfully  | Not surprisingly, nagging rarely works. Butthere are alternatives that are more likely to have success.

How to Deal With Your Adult Children Who Resent Your New Romantic Relationship | Friction between adult children and a new partner can do a lot of damage. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t.

Why Older Couples Don’t Need Marriage to Have Great Relationships | Whether they find each other online, at the gym or at church, they are pairing up in unprecedented numbers and in untraditional ways.

A Better House Blend | When the kids are yours, mine and ours, it takes wisdom and work to treat everyone fairly.

Couples, Coping | Dealing with sick or aging parents can strain any marriage. It’s important to take care as you give it.

Who Takes Care of Mom? | When my mother’s health was failing, I was the “bad” sister who lived far away and wasn’t involved. My sister helped my parents. She never asked me to do anything, and I didn’t volunteer.

Pet Peeves | What happens when the kids are grown and gone but the pets live on?

Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart | Fearing that a romantic attachment in later life will lead to full-time caregiving, many couples are choosing commitment without sharing a home.

New York Times Magazine: The Faces of Hedda Nussbaum | When I first met Hedda Nussbaum in the summer of 1995, she was driving a teal-green Geo — her first decent car after two lemons.

The Struggles of Women Who Mask Their Autism | By “camouflaging” their condition, many women on the spectrum learn to fit in—and risk psychological harm.

The Atlantic: Can the Government Prevent Divorce?Researchers say that they can–and some states feel they should–reduce the likelihood of divorce by altering the course of bad marriages in the making”

The Ethel from AARP | 7 Tips for Better Sex With a New or Longtime Lover | You and your partner need to work together. You talk more. You collaborate. You tell each other what you can and can’t do, what feels good, what hurts and what you need in order to get off… Get ready to have the best time of your life. In bed. Really.